Grand Final Drama Reece Walsh Video Goes Viral

Brisbane Broncos, star Reece Walsh has been caught up in another online drama.

Allegedly the Broncos star was caught lashing out at a fan on Thursday, just a few days prior to the Grand Final.

Let’s face it, if you are a Broncos player, or even a fan, you need to expect to be hatted on.

The Brisbane Broncos are in a neck-to-neck tie with Manly for the top spot of most hated teams in the NRL.

It was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that a fan told Walsh prop forward “Moses Leota is going to take your F$%kn head off”.

Allegedly Reece Walsh replied, “I’ll take your mum’s”.

Reportedly the NRL integrity unit has been made aware of the incident. (whatever that is).

When viewed on replay, it appears Walsh was trying to be funny.

His body language and demeanor were non-aggressive, and it appeared to be tongue-in-cheek.

The bigger concern is the language used by the NRL star.

Even in the playground, it is an Australian unspoken rule. 

You do not mention someone’s mum in a verbal or physical altercation.

Brisbane Broncos Unhappy With Fan Event Prior to The Grand Final

The Brisbane Broncos Team has publicly let it be known that they were not happy with the fan, events held this week in the lead-up to the Grand Final.

But seriously what did the Brisbane Broncos expect? 

The fan event was held in Sydney, far away from their fan base in Queensland.

Rivalry has always been strong between any NSW, and Queensland team. 

If the club expected roses and mass parades worshipping the team, there was obviously a big disconnect.

What Action Will The NRL Integrity Unit Take?

The NRL integrity unit is famous for either being too heavy-handed or too light on reprimanding players for misconduct.

Walsh was reprimanded early in July this season for verbal abuse of a referee and fan. Resulting in the star receiving a three-game suspension.

Should the NRL integrity unit take action before the NRL Grand Final?

That would be harsh on the Broncos team, however, it would make a strong precedent for NRL players not to play up, at any time during the year.

We have seen players get away with things they normally wouldn’t get away with in big matches such as the finals and state of origin.

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