Penrith Panthers Road To NRL History 2023 Grand Final

The Penrith Panthers NRL team is gunning for three Grand Finals victories in a row when they take on the Brisbane Broncos this weekend. 

The only other team to win three back-to-back Grand Finals is the Parramatta Eels who achieved this feat in 1981-1983.

grand finals line up

The Penrith Panthers won the 2021 and 2022 Grand Final matches. If they win this weekend it will be three in a row. Sealing their names in NRL history.

It’s a great moment for the club and fans, celebrations will certainly follow if they come up with the win this weekend at the Penrith Panthers Leagues club.

The Broncos have their eyes on the prize and are shooting for a win on the weekend, to break their Grand Final losing streak.

Even though the Brisbane Broncos are the underdogs they have played an outstanding year of footy in 2023. With an exciting style of footy that has thrilled the fans.

Both Teams are relatively injury-free, excluding a few scratches and bumps. With the Broncos having a few scares early on in the week, Herbie Farnworth (thigh), Payne Hays (finger), and Rees Wals (hamstring).

The referee for the 2023 Grand Final will be Adam Gee.

How The Two Teams Stack Up Against Each Other

Panthers Fullback vs. Broncos Fullback

Dylan Edwards will be marking his opposite, Reece Walsh. Reece Walsh had a great game last weekend and will be a concern for the Panther’s defense.

The Broncos definitely have the advantage when comparing fullbacks.

Panthers Wingers vs. Broncos Wingers

Panthers wingers Sunia Turva and Brian To’o are on fire, scoring plenty of tries, and playing solid defense.

Broncos wingers Jesse Arthurs and Selwyn Cobbo made a few mistakes in defense last weekend, but on the other hand, played some great attacking footy.

We believe the Panthers have the advantage out on the wing.

Panthers Centres vs. Broncos Centres

Panthers’ centers match up extremely closely to their opposites. Izack Tago and Stephen Crichton are both young and injury-free. With solid defense, they don’t miss a beat.

The Brisbane Broncos centers are in form and running the ball up hard and straight. Kontoni Staggs and Herbie Farnworth, have done a stellar job for the team in 2023.

We believe the advantage goes to the Panthers in the center’s match-up, especially considering Herbie Farnworth is carrying an injury.

grand finals line up

Panthers Havles vs. Broncos Halves

Penrith’s five-eighth, Jarome Luia, and halfback, Nathan Cleary have devastated the competition this year. 

No NRL club in the comp has a halves pair like this combination.

The pair both defend really well, kick the ball, and have run some insane plays this year on a regular basis.

The Broncos five eight, Ezra Ma, and halfback, Adam Reynolds have combined well in 2023. Helping their team earn a spot in the grand final. With solid attacks, they are supported well by their outside men. 

The combination does play a lot more high-risk footy than the Panthers halves.

We believe the advantage goes to Penrith Panthers in this match-up.

Panthers Forward Pack Vs Broncos Forward Pack

Ladies and folks prepare to shut your eyes, this will be one of the most brutal matchups we have seen in the modern era of NRL.

We expect to see both forward packs attempt to gain dominance and control, in the first twenty minutes. 

For the Panthers, prop, Moses Leota, hooker Mitch Kenny, and prop, James Fisher-Harris are in the front row. This hard front row of legends has stood staunch all year. 

Running the ball up straight and hard, tackling low, offloading at the right time, and knowing when to hold the ball, have made them the OG’s of the NRL competition as far as front rowers are concerned.

The Broncos, prop, Thomas Flegler, hooker, Billy Walters, and prop, Payne Haas are the starting front row for the Broncos in this weekend’s Grand Final.

grand finals line up

They have played hard footy all year. Earning the right to play in this year’s NRL Grand Final.

Admittedly we are not the biggest Broncos fans, so we are happy to take this opportunity and call them a pack of mama boys, who look for the water bottle when things get rough.

The second rowers for the Panthers are Scott Sorenson and Liam Martin. These guys have rocked it this year, playing mistake-free footy while also scoring a few tries themselves.

The second Rowers for the Broncos are, Kurt Capewell and Jordan Riki. These guys have specialized in hanging out on the wing whenever a game looks like it’s about to get tough.

Lacking the ability to punch their way out of a brown paper bag, we don’t expect much from these two. 

Panthers lock, Isaiah Yeo was promoted to co-captain, and ever since has led from the front. Putting on some big hits and running, like a center he has earned the right to be known as one of the best locks that ever played the game.

Brisbane lock, Pat Garrigan is missing the hard stuff legends are made out of. He has dropped the ball all year long when put under pressure. Coming up, short time and time again in defense, I wouldn’t let him Captain a girls scout camp.

Panthers obviously have a big advantage in the forward pack.

We expect to see the Panthers forward pack dominate the game. A play that might be on the cards, is coach Nathan Cleary playing the forwards on the fringe to brutalize, the Broncos’ backline, put some hits on, and keep their attacking players out of the match.

grand finals line up

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