Karl Oloapu To Sign With The Dolphins?

Karl Oloapu is leaving the Brisbane Broncos. He is reportedly refusing to train saying “promises have been broken”. He has been given permission to leave the team, with a clause any club signing him must pay the transfer fee.

Where Will Karl Olapu Play In 2023?

Reportedly coach Wayne Bennett from the Dolphins is interested in signing him and so are the Bulldogs. Karl was signed to a three-year contract with the Broncos and was promised to start in the top 30 and also to be playing as the ⅝. According to Karl, these promises have not been met. Stating “I will never play for that team as long as I live”.

What Are The Chances Carl Will Play For The Dolphins?

It is early days for Karl Oloapu, the young sensation would be a great add-on for any team. The Dolphins do have a stacked backline and are probably looking for an extra forward or two. 

With the failed signing of Storm five-eight Cameron Muster, this young sensation could potentially be in coach Wayne Bennett’s crosshairs for a signing in 2023.

Why Oloapu Would Be A Good Signing For The Dolphins

Coach Wayne Bennett thrives when he has determined players. From the sounds of it, Karl will be one of the most motivated players in 2023. In his mind, he has been mistreated and will be looking to make the Bronco’s choice of not giving him the position and playing time he was after a massive mistake for the former club.

If this young sensation stays relatively injury free and is given the opportunity to prove himself he may turn into one hell of a player.

The Dolphins coach is all about the mental game and if Wayne Bennett gives this young gun a crack who knows what could happen?

Where Will He Play If The Dolphins Don’t Sign Him?

The whispers are the Bulldogs are also interested in the player. To be honest i can’t imagine an NRL that wouldn’t be interested in signing the player. He is young, maybe a little small, but he will fill out over time, and lets face it the kid has grit. Refusing to train, stating they will have to kill him first. This could be misinterpreted as a player with a bad attitude. It could also be interrupted as a player with the right attitude, determined, willing to roll the dice. Players with this type of mental profile often turn out to be the type of players, who wherever they go the teams they play for just seem to get better and you can’t really put your finger on exactly what it is they have done, just their presence seems to lift the team.

All the best to young gun in 2023.

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