Wally Lewis Retires As Bad Health News Hits

International Rugby League legend Wally Lewis will step down as a sports commentator due to poor health.

Wally Lewis was a national nine news commentator for 24 years. Blackbox announced Wally Lewis will step down “immediately”.

Wally Lewis

Wally Lewis captained Australia in international Rugby League and was also the captain of the Queensland State Of Origin team as well as captaining Brisbane Broncos.

He was a dynamic player over 441 first-grade matches during his career as an NRL player.

Health Problems 

During his career, Wally Lewis suffered occasionally from epileptic fits. In 2006 he had brain surgery and was an outspoken ambassador for players with brain injuries.

“I wish the game could be played without all the head knocks players suffer, but to do that we would have to change the game”.

Almost Dying On The Field

In an article written in 2020, by QLDinc Walley Lewis revealed he almost died on the field from an elbow to the neck that caused a laryngeal spasm. “I couldn’t breath”.

Wally watched his father struggle with dementia and has given notice that he would like to be buried with his State Of Origin jersey on.

Bracing Himself For Dementia

Lewis announced how he would like to be remembered last year. In voicing his opinion on player head injuries and that it should not be a taboo subject. Also that he wants contact to the head to be outlawed immediately.

Watching his father suffer from dementia Wally Lewis also believes he will suffer due to the high amount of headshots he suffered during his career.

Wally Lewis Retiring From Commentating

Wally Lewis and channel nine confirmed he will retire from regular commentary but may appear on important news, and may work behind the scenes. It is great to see channel nine flexibility with the NRL legend. Leaving the door open and allowing him to work if he feels up to it.

Wally Lewis’s nickname was the KING, and for good reason. He was one of the most fierce ⅝ we had ever seen play the game. He was an exciting captain who will be remembered for his passion and understanding of the game.

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