NRL Offseason News – 6 New Recruites for Parramatta Eels

Now that the pre-season has officially started, many NRL teams are ready to fight for the title and incorporate the newly recruited players in their starting lineup. 2022 was a “tough” year for the Parramatta Eels, and the entire season was an emotional rollercoaster. Parramatta came within 80 minutes of breaking a 36-year premiership drought. 

Post Grandfinal News

In the Grand Final, they disappointed every fan and fell short at the final hurdle. With that, the entire season seemed like a waste, and a lot of hard work went down the drain. In all reality, Eel’s fans never really knew what the season could bring. One minute, the team knocked off a heavyweight champion and took all the premiership credentials, while the next was losing to a team from the bottom of the barrel.

Next Year Is All About Consistancy Foor The Eels 

One thing that was always a struggle for the Parramatta Eels was consistency. They had difficulty leading frequent campaigns and always fall behind when it is time to shine and take the cake at the end of an important game. 

But all of that is about to change. Coach Brad Arthur has recruited 6 new players who are proud to wear the blue and gold jersey and help the Eels come out on top in the following 2023 season. 

Last season, the Parramatta Eels were closer to victory than in the last 15 years. They finished 6th and climbed into the top four in 2022. That said, the Eels assembled one of the toughest squads in decades. But there was still something missing. They lacked a lot of consistency which is a trait of every champion. 

6 New Players For Prramatta In 2023

Regardless of whether they over-delivered or under-delivered last year, there are 6 new players ready to come on the field and help coach Arthur win the Grand Final. 

This year’s newest additions to the Eels team are Josh Hodgson, Jack Murchie, J’maine Hopgood, Daejarn Asi, Matt Doorey, and Jirah Momoisea.  

One of the key players who joined the team is the rugby veteran Josh Hodgson. He is 33 years old, plays hooker, and has more than 138 appearances in the NRL. 

Hodgson will bring a lot of experience to the team, and he established himself as one of the top premier hookers in the league. He was with the Canberra Raiders for 8 seasons, and he accomplished a lot in that period. After properly recovering from a torn ACL, Hodgson is ready to kick-start the pre-season for the Eels. 

Jack Murchie is a young second-row player who also made his debut with the Canberra Raiders. After spending three seasons with the Warriors, Jack is now ready to face new challenges while wearing blue and gold. 

J’maine Hopgood is a very young player who can add a lot of freshness to the team. With only 23 years of age, Hopgood can play lock, prop, or second row, which is exactly what the Eels need. After joining the Panthers’ junior team, this guy signed a two-year deal with Parramatta. 

Matt Doorey is the youngest player recruited by the Eels this season. Doorey is only 22, and Parramatta is his hometown, so he has to fight much harder to earn a spot in the starting lineup. Matt Doorey proved himself through the junior ranks alongside Haze Dunster and Dylan Brown. 

Daejarn Asi is another versatile player who can be a center, five-eight, or fullback. Asi can add a new dimension to the Eels team. Daejarn Asi joined the Warriors midway through the last season and had some impressive performances that made coach Arthur sign him.  

The last addition to the team is Jirah Momoisea, a 6′4″ player who can add some size to the Eels’ forward stocks. Going through the ranks at Newcastle, Momoisea was eager to make his NRL debut and signed a two-year contract with Parramatta Eels. 

Despite having 6 new players, the mission of the Eels is the same as last year. The team needs to find a consistent performance level to have a fighting chance for the title in the following season.

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