Nathan Cleary

Nathan Cleary is an NRL player born on the 14th of November 1997. In 2022 he was thought by many to be Australia’s best professional rugby league footballer. He won the 2021 and 2022 NRL premiership with the Penrith Panthers.

He won the Clive Churchill Medal in 2021 and is well known for his playmaking, goal-kicking, and great defense. He has represented NSW and Australia.

Nathan Cleary’s Profile

Height – 182cm

Weight – 92kg

Age – 25

Birth Place – NSW

Nickname – Cloz

Nathan Cleary is the son of rugby league legend, Ivan Cleary. 

What To Expect Of Nathan Cleary In 2023

Nathan signed a three-year extension in mid-2022. This will see the NRL star staying with the Penrith Panthers till 2026.

We can expect another cracking year from Nathan in 2023. He is training well in the off-season and looks to be in great condition.

What Nathan Clearys Father Had to Say Minute 29:27

What Nathan Cleary’s Dad Had To Say About Coaching His Son in 2023

“I didn’t really coach him, as a young kid.”

“When he was like, six or something, I was always his soccer coach.”

“I would talk to him about the fundamentals of what you should do then that’s pretty much it, and then i’d leave it up to him.”

“It’s funny, I still to this day, I still talk to him about the same stuff  I told him when he was young. Which is, to start the game and get involved early. Get your defense, right early. Run the ball early, stuff like that, just honestly really just real triggers to getting him into the game. And then the rest is his training takes over.”

“Then his competitiveness takes over.”

“Just get back to the basic stuff, especially with big games like state of origin and stuff like that.”

“The bigger the game, the more simple you make. Yeah.” 

“It is probably the same as any parent who coaches their daughter. They also have the same ideas and questions, people will be looking at them the same questions. If Nathan was a fringe player I wouldn’t have coached him. So it was easier for me because Nathan was never not going to be picked for the team. I wouldn’t have coached him at this level. If he was like a fringe player. I just wouldn’t I’m not saying you should audition, but I wouldn’t have done it. “

“Anyway, we knew when we got into it, there was some stuff that we didn’t know was coming. We knew there were going to be some hard times that we couldn’t actually put our finger on what was going to be in that first year. “

“But I love it. I love it. I get to spend every day with my son.”

“We’re following the same goal and so are the other players on the team, it is just awesome.”

“I love when he comes out of our place for a barbecue, whatever. And we talk a bit of footy and it’s really cool. I feel very lucky.”

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