NRL Round 28 Expert Tips & Predictions

Round 28 of the NRL is set to be a cracker. Expert tipsters and fans will be betting on some really exciting NRL games this weekend. Two NRL teams playing this weekend are almost impossible to tip against. Below are our expert picks and coverage of the games listed for 2023 round 28.

Round 28 NRL Tips

NRL Matches Being Played This Weekend

NRL game 1. Brisbane Broncos vs. Melbourne Storm

NRL game 2. Penrith Panthers vs. New Zealand Warriors

NRL game 3. Cronulla Sharks vs. Sydney Roosters

NRL game 4. Newcastle Knights vs. Canberra Raiders

NRL Tips Round 28

Brisbane Broncos vs. Melbourne Storm NRL Tips

The tipsters are tipping the Brisbane Broncos for the win at Suncorp Stadium. The Storm are the Broncos boogie team in the NRL competition. They haven’t beaten them in 15 rugby league matches. The Storm hasn’t lost a match against the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium since 2009. Odds are it’s time for the Broncos to have a win against the Storm.

The Melbourne Storm played a solid game of NRL last weekend against the Brisbane Broncos beating them 32-22. Melbourne has looked strong all year, with a kicking game that is backed by tight defense and a low error rate style of footy. Melbourne is hard to bet against.

Both teams are guaranteed a top 8 position ensuring we will see both teams play another round of rugby league in the semi-finals next weekend.

The experts are tipping the Broncos NRL team to win in Round 18. 

Penrith Panthers vs. New Zealand Warriors NRL Tips

The tipsters are tipping the Panthers to win this game. Across the board, the experts and bookies are predicting the Panthers will win by a large margin.  It’s hard to tip against the Panthers at the moment, they are currently playing some of the finest rugby league that fans have ever seen. This squad will go down in NRL history as the best team, and best team of players that ever played the game.

The Penrith Panthers offense is slick, and their defense is almost perfect, with players hardly making any mistakes throughout an entire match.

The New Zealand Warriors NRL team is yet to win an NRL premiership. They have played some excellent defensive footy this year, with an attacking style of rugby league that draws large crowds, this round 28 match-up should be a cracker.

The rugby league match is being played at BlueBet Stadium, it is hard for us to predict the Panthers will lose, as they rarely lose at BlueBet Stadium.

The Penrith Panthers played a solid game of footy last weekend, and look to be the team to beat heading into the semi-finals.

The experts are tipping the Panthers for the win in Round 18.

Cronulla Sharks vs. Sydney Roosters NRL Tip

The Cronulla Sharks NRL team takes on the Sydney Roosters in round 28 at Pointsbet stadium on the 9th of September 2023, at 7:50 p.m.

The experts and bookmakers have this game even across the board. 

The Sharks played a very average game of footy last weekend, putting themselves in a hard position to have tipsters favoring the side. The safe bet is with the Sydney Roosters.

The Sydney Roosters NRL team played an exciting match of rugby league last weekend and managed to win the game with ease. Moving the ball side to side and tackling hard in defense, it was a good match to watch.

In the last match these two teams played, the Sharks won. However, the match before that the Roosters flogged the Sharks.

With both teams not carrying many injuries it is anyone’s NRL game to win and the experts are tipping a close game.

Predictions are the Sydney Roosters will win this NRL game in round 28.

Newcastle Knight vs. Canberra Raiders NRL Tip

Tipping the Newcastle Knights NRL team is an easy tip to pass on in Round 28. Newcastle Knights played some terrific footy last weekend, thrashing their opponents by 32-12.

The bookmakers have set their odds, and they are extremely short considering Newcastle Knights have 8 players injured. Lachlan Fitzgiborn, Jack Hastings, and Kaylan Ponga are due back next week, so the injury toll won’t be so heavy in next week’s finals. 

However, it may pose a problem, as the Canberra NRL team has been playing some decent and on-off footy of late. Proving when they play they are playing hard footy.

If the Canberra Raiders NRL team is firing the fans might be in for a great game of rugby league. The Raiders played some really boring footy last week. They didn’t pass the ball around much and you can see why the bookmakers are not tipping the team to win this week.

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Broncos Tipped To Win Round 28

Panther Tipped To Win Round 28

Sydney Roosters Tipped To Win Round 28

Newcastle Knights Tipped To Win Round 28

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