Rabbitohs Vs Roosters Pre-Season Match 23/2/2024

The Sydney Rabbitohs NRL team take on the Sydney Roosters in the second round of pre-season matches in 2024 at Belmore Stadium.

We are betting South Sydney will win!!

South Sydney Rabbitohs Tips

The South Sydney Rabbitohs announced their 28-man squad for the weekend. Assistant coach Joe O’Callaghan named three junior players, Braidon Burns, Jarrett Subloo, and Yileen Gordon in his starting line-up.

Sydney Roosters Tips

The Sydney Roosters NRL rugby league team has announced their starting 28-man squad for this weekend’s pre-season matches. The Sydney Roosters in 2024 are attempting to bring their junior talent through the ranks. 

Young talents, Xavier Va’a, Tyler Moriarty, and Benaiah Ioelu will be starting the game and given their first crack at playing first grade for the Roosters.

NRL line up

Who To Place Your Bet With?

The experts are united! Pretty much every bookmaker in Australia has South Sydney in front by a country mile. If you’re a Sydney Roosters supporter this has the potential to be a dangerous game to have a bet on your team.

As usual, Picklebet is offering some attractive odds! With Souths at $1.47 and the Roosters at $2.55.

Betfair is also offering some great odds!

Betting on the NRL should be done with caution. Follow our weekly NRL tips here.

Sydney Roosters Pre-season Starting Lineup

1. Callum Gromek
2. Alexander Young
3. Kyron Fekitoa
4. Ethan Clark-Wood
5. Turoa Williams
6. Coby Thomas
7. Joseph Whitikama Temara Taipari
8. Xavier Va’a
9. Tyler Moriarty
10. Dylan Napa
11. Corey Ross
12. Meli Nasau
13. Salesi Foketi

14. Benaiah Ioelu
15. Tayson Fakaosi
16. Zac Saddler
17. Taylor Losalu

18. Harrison McKeon
19. Sione Vaenuku
20. Alan Holten
21. Emery Jolliffe
22. Michael Coleman

South Sydney’s Pre-season Starting Lineup

  1. Braidon Burns
  2. Leon Te Hau
  3. Adam Christensen
  4. Leonard Skelton
  5. Jude Saldanha
  6. Bayleigh Bentley-Hape
  7. Jarrett Subloo
  8. Brock Gray (c)
  9. Ryan Gray
  10. Yileen Gordon
  11. Maila Chanfoon
  12. Nicholas Halalilo
  13. Matthew French


  1. CJ Mundine
  2. Cade Maloney
  3. Chase Chapman
  4. Tyson Hodge
  5. Kaylen Miller
  6. Noah Reed
  7. Louis Grossemy
  8. Aiden Doolan

Coach – Joe O’Callaghan

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