South Sydney Rabbitohs vs. Sydney Roosters NRL Round 27 Tips

South Sydney Rabbitohs take on the Sydney Roosters NRL team in round 27 at Accor Stadium, 6:00 pm on 1/9/2023.

This is a must-win game for the South Sydney Rabbitohs as they are placed in the 8th spot on the NRL ladder. If they lose they may not make the semi-finals for 2023.

The Sydney Roosters played a solid game of rugby league last weekend, so we are in for a tough match folks.

NRL Tips

The bookmakers across the board have both NRL teams evenly matched, mostly slightly favoring South Sydney. 

PlayUp has tipped Souths at $1.80 to win.

South Sydney Rabbitohs are a hard team to tip against when playing at home. It’s do or die for them in this weekend’s Round 27 draw. 

I have always liked the South Sydney rugby league team in close matches, and I definitely won’t be tipping against them this weekend.

Bookmakers seem to have messed up their odds in my opinion and have favored the Sydney Roosters too heavily in their current odds.

Sydney Roosters, to date this year have not played well under pressure. Also, they lack motivation, and if you have been watching them closely in 2023 when it gets tough in the middle of the field they are lacking.

Souths will apply pressure early, put on some points, and then defend the advantage.

South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL Team

The South Sydney Rabbitohs only have two players missing this weekend, due to suspension not injury. 

Latrell Mitchell and Tom Burgess are both missing, but on the positive side will be back next week if the team makes it through to the semi-finals.

Souths have played some really exciting attacking rugby league and have moved the ball side to side well.

If they make it through this weekend they will be an exciting contender to watch in the final 8 teams. 

We are tipping the NRL team to win in round 27.

Sydney Roosters NRL Team

Sydney Roosters have been inconsistent in 2023. Inconsistency historically has plagued the footy club and this year is no different.

In the last few matches, the team has had seven players injured, with three returning this week.

James Tedesco is due back this weekend. In our opinion, his performance on the field in 2023 has been lacking. Maybe this is why the bookmakers have in mind when they have set their odds on Sydney Roosters.

Joey Manu is an underrated player and his addition this week is a big plus for the team.

Paul Momirovski is also due back in this Round 27 clash. But a big whatever, it’s neither here nor there on that front.

The club’s performance in 2023 has left fans and tipsters disappointed. Whenever we look at the team and the odds the bookies are setting it has been almost impossible to tip the team as a good bet to bet on.

Who The Experts Are Tipping To Win?

The experts are all tipping this game pretty evenly. We don’t agree with the bookies that Sydney Roosters are in for a chance. Expect an upset here people with South Sydney smashing the Sydney Roosters.

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