Gold Coast Titans Vs Melbourne Storm Round 3 2023 Tips

NRL Rugby league teams Gold Coast Titans are set to go head to this week against the Melbourne Storm. The bookmakers are heavily favouring the Melbourne Storm to win but we are tipping an upset in this NRL match.

The Odds

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Why We Think Gold Coast Can Win

In round two the Gold Coast Titans were in front of St George Illawarra beating them early on with ease. Gold Coast markers then failed to move off the mark and allow two and three players to enter into tackles putting their defense on the back foot. This gave St George the opportunity to run the ball and move the ball side to side.

Their try line defense was also not the best and they failed to move up as a unit and also failed to run sliding defense on their try line as they were not moving together as a team. A bit more talking as a team and not just reacting could see this improve dramatically next week.

After all this movement by St George the Gold Coast Titans started looking tired. Gold Coast has a great coaching staff in head coach Justin Holbrook (who we believe is the most underrated coach in the NRL). They also boast legendary Matt Guyer as an assistant coach the former NRL legend played 268 games in the NRL.

The coaching staff we believe will be quick to address the problem of their markers not chasing the ball and allowing twos and three’s to be involved in tackling. This is not a huge adjustment and by drilling it into the team during training midweek we believe you will be seeing a difference in performance in their next match against the Melbourne Storm.

The Gold Coast offense looked awesome early on in their last game. If their defense can improve in these areas we are predicting the NRL team may surprise experts and be a contender for the semi-finals.

Why We Are Tipping Melbourne Won’t Win

The Melbourne Storms’ performance last week against Canterbury wasn’t as it appeared Canterbury had 3 of their starting players out due to injury in the first few minutes of the game Canterbury front-rower Ryan Sutton was injured with a bad head knock. The storm wasn’t playing a full-strength team.

The Melbourne Storm played ok rugby league, their forward pack looked hesitant to run the ball and their fullback looked weak under the high ball. Their forwards were not attacking as a pack and ran 1 up plays nearly the whole game. In defense, they appeared to be trying to slow the game down, which we believe will suit the Gold Coast Titans. They also have two of their star players including Cameron Munster out injured.

Their forward pack looked well drilled in defence.

Their back-line didn’t look great in defense and the Gold Coast Titans’ back-line look extremely dangerous which might give the Melbourne Storm a big problem.

Melbourne Storm were also given the advantage of a few doubtful penalties helping their performance look better than what it really was.

First Try Scorer Prediction

Beau Fermor from the Gold Coast Titans.

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