North Queensland Cowboys Vs New Zealand Warriors Tips

In this match the bookies have the North Queensland NRL team the Cowboys tipped to win. The biggest betting sites all have heavily stacked the odds against the New Zealand Warriors winning this game of rugby league. With New Zealand at around $3.75 to win.

Why Are The Warriors Tipped To Lose?

The New Zealand Warriors played a decent game of rugby league last week against the Sydney Roosters. They made a lot of mistakes early on. Putting them in a position where they had to defend a lot in the first half of the game. This amount of mistakes early on does not generally indicate a premiership-contending team.

With the large amount of mistakes the team looked tired early on and still look like they are missing match fitness. Failing to get back to the ball and run the ball after the other team had completed their six.

Their forwards failed to attack as a pack and mainly ran the ball one up allowing the defense to easily pick the runner off which allowed two and threes in the tackles that slowed down their attack.

The Cowboys Are Heavily Tipped To Win

The Cowboys forward pack attacked as a unit, running a lot of decoys and attacking in twos and threes. This is what you want to see in a NRL premiership contending team. This gave the side early momentum and made the rugby league match exciting to watch.

With a penalty awarded early on they showed confidence in running the ball for a try instead of taking the kick and earning an easy two points. This was an example of the teams’ confidence in their scoring ability.

The North Queensland Cowboys NRL team defended well, they are mainly running a sliding defence which does allow the other team to gain metres in attack but this style of defence appears to be suiting their side as they are a little smaller than most teams but look very fit.

Loosing the match 28-16 the Cowboys looked impressive and the scoreboard wasn’t a good indicator of how well they played.

Star Players

Scott Drinkwater is looking great for the Cowboys at the moment, running the ball hard and his defense is looking solid. However, he was sin-binned for two high shots, which both looked accidental.

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