Panthers Destroy The Melbourne Storm Leaving The NRL With A Black Eye

The Penrith Panthers NRL team beat the Melbourne Storm 38-4. In what turned out to be an embarrassing match for the Storm and also the NRL, we saw a little over 35,00 fans attend the match at Accor Stadium.

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The NRL rolled the dice and came up short, their gamble to host the finals between the Storm and Panthers at Accor stadium saw fans furious, as late game codes were passed out for free. Paying fans who had already purchased tickets were up in arms.

The Panthers showed why they are the strong favorite for another NRL premiership win, whipping the Storm a whopping 38-4, in what could only be described as a black eye for the NRL.

Panthers home ground Bluebet Stadium was assessed as being too small to hold a preliminary final. The NRL moved the game to Accor Stadium which can hold 83,000 fans.

The NRL didn’t even fill up half the stadium, producing a weird down-tone atmosphere NRL fans were not happy with. With reports of only 35,000 fans attending.

Comparing the AFL finals which were at almost full capacity it leads fans, and NRL enthusiasts to wonder if rugby league is in trouble, and becoming a dying sport.

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Match Highlights First Half

Panthers Brian To’o was in for the first try on the back of a penalty in minute 3.27 of the first half. With his 11th try in 10 finals games, Brian To’o is proving to be a wrecking machine in the NRL finals.

The Storm struck back quickly with a try scored by number 4 Justin Olam in mute 10.08 of the first half. Fans and experts were thrilled with this quick strikeback from the Storm believing we were in for a close match.

In minute 17.05 Nathan Cleary was taken out late and given the penalty. Cleary then kicked the goal making the score 6-4 for the Panthers.

In minute 20.40 Panthers were in again for another try with Brian To’o scoring another try in almost the exact same spot as his first try.

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Then in minute 27.41 Panthers scored another try, passing the ball out wide, winger Sunia Turuva scored the knockout try. Burying any hope that the Storm could make this rugby league match competitive with the score being 18-4.

Match Highlights Second Half

In minute 53.04 Nathan Cleary was in for an exciting second try, then kicked the goal making it 24-4.

Then almost a minute later 54.05 Penrith Panthers winger Dillan Edwards scored a try making it 30-4 with Nathan Cleary kicking the goal, for his 200th point in season 2023.

Minute 60.09 Brian To’o was in for his third try, collecting a hat trick of tries for the Panthers.

With the core being 36-4 the Storm gave away a penalty in front of their goals and Nathan Cleary kicked another goal leaving the Panthers with a win of 38-4 on the final buzzer.

Final Thoughts

The Panthers looked impressive and didn’t rack up any more injuries, making them clear favorites for the NRL Grand Final Premiership game against the Broncos next week. To find a good betting site to place your bet on next week’s NRL Grand Final click here.

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