Dolphins Secret Weapon Valynce Te Whare

Teammates are tipping Valynce Te Whare to have a killer season in 2023. His story is extraordinary, he had never played a game of NRL until he signed with the Dolphins in late 2021. He is not a player you would bet against. 

He was playing Rugby Union in New Zealand. He learned the game last year playing for the Redcliffe Dolphins in the Queensland cup.

Valynce Te Whare Is A Natural Talent

In his first game of NRL for the Redcliffe Dolphins, he scored two tries, set up another try, ran 168 meters with the ball, and made 14 tackles. Weighing in at a massive 108KG and standing 182cm tall the kid is a force to be reckoned with. 

His Team Mates & Coach Are Backing Him

Wayne Bennett is known to be the most successful coach in NRL history and is not easily impressed. Valynce Te Whare has made a big impression on the coach and that’s definitely not an easy thing to do.

Kodi Nikormi was asked which player has made the biggest impression on him at the Dolphins he responded immediately “Valynce Te Whare”.

Kenny Bromwich also vowed for the player saying “he can move that fella he is big and quick”.

Wayne Bennetts So Called Humilation

Wayne Bennett was supposedly humiliated as he was not able to sign a 1 million dollar players. If you look at the team he has they are looking awesome. Wayne played down any expectations of the Dolphins having a great season. This might have been a psych job to relieve any pressure for his team to perform in its first season. Players like Valynce Te Whare we believe will make this report of so-called humiliation a false report.

Winding Up The Dolphins

Wayne Bennetts’s players are known to be loyal to him, and he is known to get the best out of his players. The team he has put together is mentally tough, experienced, and has some raw natural talent. We are sure the players will be giving their 150% for Wayne to dismiss these rumors.

What Wayne Had To Say About Recruiting Players

“So it’s good days and bad days you get disappointed when you can’t get a player you want then on another day, you got one you want. So yeah, but it’s a roller coaster. What we’ve done I’ve been doing it for so long I’m pretty balanced about it.”

“It’s really going well I’m really pleased with the 3 players we’ve gotten from the Melbourne Storm like Jesse Bromwich, we have almost half of their forward pack. They’ll help me build the team we need a few more backs, but we won’t be spending the money on just anyone we will stick with what we have unless I can get more backs that will get the job done.”

Valynce Te Whare Potential To Fill One Of The Spots

Coach Wayne has been vocal that he wants two more backs on the team. If Valynce Te Whare steps up in 2023 the Dolphins maybe only looking for one extra back. We are tipping him to be the surprise player of the NRL in 2023.

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