Betr To Buy Pointsbet

Pointsbet is considering selling its Australian business to giant Newscorp. Newscorp has a small presence in the gambling scene. They have recently backed Betr in a bid to enter the online sports betting market Betr is a start-up that has recently launched into the Australian market.

Betr Is An Ambitious Company

The deal would be worth around $410 million dollars. Betr was created by Matthew Tripp, the original founder of Betfresh. 

The initial negotiations were released on the ASX:

“PointsBet confirms that it is in discussions with owners and operators of Australian wagering operator Betr, regarding a potential transaction involving the sale of its Australian trading business and notes that any potential transaction will be assessed in the context of PointsBet’s global strategy and opportunities,”

How Serious Is The Offer?

When a company announces on the ASX they are in negotiations you can bet it is serious. We like Betr and we also like Pointsbet. They are both great platforms to place a bet on. We review a lot of Australian betting sites. These two sites are sites you can trust to do the right thing with your money.

Newscorp Entering The Australian Market

Newscorp is a serious company. They are professional and great businessmen. We do not see them entering a negative move. We believe if they can grow their presence it will add value to the Australian and international betting scene.

Betr Has Already Bought TextBet

Betr has already bought TextBet, we all knew that Betr would come out swinging. TextBet is a very cool platform and we expect Matthew Tripps Betr will add a whole new level Of professionalism to the team at TexBet.

Initial Offer Rejected By Pointsbet

Betr had just launched its platform when it made its initial offer to Pointsbet. The offer was rumored to be around $200-$300 Million dollars. The board at Pointsbet did not take the offer to its shareholders and was rejected. Now Betr has upped its offer it is being taken more seriously.

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