James Tedesco NRL News 2023

James Tedesco

James Tedesco signed is a professional Australian NRL player. He currently plays and captains the Sydney Roosters and is contracted to play with the team till 2024. 

He has been busy in 2023, marrying his partner Maria Glinellis a day before his birthday. Big congrats to James and his family!

What To Expect From James On The NRL Field In 2023

James is one of the NRLs best players. He plays fullback for the Sydney Roosters and is expected to have a cracking 2023. He looks fit and as always appears to be very positive.

He is heavy for a fullback weighing around 95 kg. His speed is a key factor as it is for any fullback. In the off-season, we would be expecting him to be doing a lot of sprint training. Being at the peak age of 30 this can tapper off a bit.

Will Age Affect His 2023 Performance?

In any sport nowadays your peak age is expected to be around 27-31. This really depends on multiple factors, how old you were when you started playing, injuries, how hard you have to train to compete etc.

We saw nothing in 2022 that would indicate James Tedesco is at the top of the peak. He looks like he has plenty left and expect his new role as a family man to inspire him into playing more great footy for the Sydney Roosters.

State Of Origin For James In 2023

In state origin game 2, James Tedesco was the star player. In one of the best NSW Blues performances of the modern era. We are hoping for a repeat performance by James in 2023.

James was interviewed after the game in a funny interview by Paul Vaughtaun this is what James had to say.

“Yeah, I think discipline let us down in the first half. In the second half, we just played footy and it was very pleasing.”

James was then asked what he does to evade being tackled it sounded kind of funny the way Paul Vaughten asked the question, but James Tedesco’s response was even more funny than the question asked.

“I don’t know how I evade the tackles I think it is because I don’t know where I am running half the time, so it makes it hard for the opposition to predict because not even I know”

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