NRL Players Protest Pay Dispute 2023

NRL Players Protest Salary Cap

NRL players are boycotting media appearances and protesting the pay dispute by not showing up for interviews and photographs leaving the media waiting around and not knowing what’s going on.

Pay Dispute 

The pay dispute has been going on for a while now and locked heads over an acceptable collective bargaining agreement. The NRL despite bad economic times posted a record salary cap for each team of $12.1 m up almost 25% from the previous season.

Players Protest

NRL players are protesting loudly and seem to be uniting and growing in numbers. The daily telegraph is reporting that the Dragons and Sharks players pulled a no-show to their expected media interviews and photo shoots.

Salary Cap Protest

The NRL announced the salary cap without the player’s agreement. This seems to have sparked the protest. It is the first time in history this has been done. With a 25% increase in the salary cap perhaps the NRL made a wrong assumption that the players would be happy with this, given Australia’s current poor economic conditions.

Future Deals On Hold Amongst The Protest

This is no titt for tat problem, the players genuinely feel disrespected. Boycotting media promotions for 2023 is now seeing future deals on hold, players with uncertain futures are the ones who will suffer the most. With the 2023 season and pre-season matches kicking off in just a few weeks a resolution to the problem needs to be achieved. 

Dispute Resolution

If you are a player without a contract, it is almost impossible to join the protest. If you are a club that needs a few more players this becomes a really difficult and stressful situation.

We hope this can protest and pay dispute can be sorted with a swift decisive deal that all parties involved are happy with. That egos are left at the door and the reality of the current economic conditions are taken into account, including higher costs of living for the players that are not on large paying contracts.

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