Newcastle Knight Vs Cronulla Sharks Pre-Season Match 17/2/2024

The Newcastle Knights take on the Cronulla Sharks at Gosford Industrie Group Stadium at 1.45 pm this Saturday.

NRL line up

Newcastle Knights Tips

Newcastle coach Adam Obrien has named his 28-player squad to kick off this year’s pre-season NRL Challenge tournament.

Fans and NRL experts will see their first glimpses of Jack Cogger, Tom Jenkins, Jed Cartwright, and Will Pryce. 

Wearing the Newcastle Knights Jersey for the first time should see the new editions to the club fired up, tackling low and running the ball up straight and hard.

Newcastle came in a respectable 5th position last year. With a ton of fresh players being added to the squad and a mix of veteran NRL legends still playing for the club, we are pumped to see Newcastle’s first NRL pre-season match for 2024.

Cronulla Sharks Tips

Legendary NRL team the Cronulla Sharks have yet to officially announce their 28-man squad for their first pre-season match of 2024. 

Leaving fans hanging on to the edge of their seats, the side has some new players and veterans with a few nagging injuries. So it will be interesting to see who’s benched and who will be playing.

Last season was a cracker for the Sharks seeing the NRL team finishing in 6th position.

Betting Tips

Experts are yet to voice their opinions on this match, it is a pre-season game. Cronulla Sharks appear to be struggling to draw attention online. Is their fan base slowly disappearing?

We hope Not! In this match, we have the Newcastle Knights for an easy win.

Who To Place Your Bet With?

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Starting Line Up



  • Fullback for Knights is number 1Fletcher Sharpe. 1Fullback for Sharks is number 1Kade Dykes
  • Winger for Knights is number 2Thomas Jenkins. 2Winger for Sharks is number 2Sione Katoa
  • Centre for Knights is number 3Enari Tuala. 3Centre for Sharks is number 3Kayal Iro
  • Centre for Knights is number 4 Krystian Mapapalangi. 4Centre for Sharks is number 4Mawene Hiroti
  • Winger for Knights is number 5Greg Marzhew. 5Winger for Sharks is number 5Samuel Stonestreet
  • Five-eighth for Knights is number 6Tyson Gamble6. Five-eighth for Sharks is number 6Daniel Atkinson
  • Halfback for Knights is number 7Jackson Hastings7. Halfback for Sharks is number 7Niwhai Puru


  • Prop for Knights is number 8Daniel Saifiti. 8Prop for Sharks is number 8Thomas Hazelton
  • Hooker for Knights is number 9Phoenix Crossland. 9Hooker for Sharks is number 9Jayden Berrell
  • Prop for Knights is number 10 Jacob Saifiti. 10Prop for Sharks is number 10Oregon Kaufusi
  • 2nd Row for Knights is number 11Jed Cartwright. 2nd Row for Sharks is number 11Jesse Colquhoun
  • 2nd Row for Knights is number 12Dylan Lucas. 12 2nd Row for Sharks is number 12Teig Wilton
  • Lock for Knights is number 13Mat Croker. 13Lock for Sharks is number 13Cameron McInnes


  • Interchange for Knights is number 14Jack Cogger. 14Interchange for Sharks is number 14Billy Burns
  • Interchange for Knights is number 15, Jack Hetherington. 15Interchange for Sharks is number 15Jack Williams
  • Interchange for Knights is number 16 Brodie Jones16. Interchange for Sharks is number 16Tuku Hau Tapuha
  • Interchange for Knights is number 17Tom Cant. 17 Interchange for Sharks is number 17 Lachlan Jake Crouch.

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