Jesse Bromwich is one of the great modern-day NRL players. He plays for has played for New Zealand and has won three grand finals with the Melbourne Storm. 

At 33 years old, Jesse was looking for a new home and a team that needed a leader. A lot of teams were interested in signing Jesse Bromwich, but he decided on the Dolphins. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any player. Playing under coach Wayne Bennett is an achievement. It was not an easy choice for Jesse but Wayne Bennett convinced him over time.

This Is What Jesse Bromwich Said About His First Training Session With The Dolphins

“Yeah, it does feel a bit weird at first. We had a bit of a goodbye at the end of the season at Melbourne and from that point on, I’m just going to be part of the dolphins I was away playing in the World Cup and come back and moved my family and myself up here. It’s been a really nice change.”

Wayne Bennett Australia’s Most Famous Coach Take On 2023

Wayne Bennett is the greatest coach of all time, there is not really a rugby league player who would argue this. He is well known for making a good team better and an average team great. He has coached 7 grand finals-winning teams.

Wayne Bennett’s career speaks for itself. He coached the Brisbane Broncos for 24 seasons. He coached the South Sydney Rabbitohs and now is coaching the dolphins.

This Is What Jesse Said About Wayne Bennett

“I had a meeting with Wayne and were just talking about footie and family and what it would be like it if I was to come up here and to be honest, it just made me really excited. Some of the things he said to me. He really got me excited and fired up to want to be a part of it. I had heard a lot of stories about why NRL players really want to play for him. And to be able to come up here and experience it myself was really enticing.”

His impact on the Dolphins we believe will show this year in 2023. It is no secret in NRL that any coach needs a few seasons with a team to really get a team firing. The signing of Jess we believe will be the icing on the cake for a strong push for a semi-final placing for the dolphins.

Jess Bromwich Talks On Joining The Dolphins

That said, Jesse Bromwich has broken his silence about the deal and stated: “that joining the Dolphins is an opportunity of a lifetime”. Jesse had played with the Melbourne Storm for about 13 years and was a key player for them.

Jesse Bromwich Answer To Wooden Spoon Comment From Interviewer

“Things like that are pure speculation even when things were really good you never really thought about outside noise Your focus is on having a belief that we are doing the right things and having a belief in the systems that were in place and the players and the coaching staff in the club you know it was never what people outside the club thought”.

Jesse Bromwich managed to stay relatively injury free for an NRL player of his age. The Dolphins have signed a great veteran of the game who is always mentally positive and in great physical shape.

We are looking forward to seeing the impact his presence will make on the Dolphins in 2023

Jesse gave a great goodby speech and was vocal about his love for the Melbourne Storm and his career with them. It is great to see a player leave a team with such grace.

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