James Tedesco Offseason News

Jason Tedesco has been active in the 2023 off-season. He looks fit and ready to play but has been drawn into the player protest that seems to be gaining momentum.

Jason and several other players are taking their protest online to social media.

What Started The Offseason protest?

The NRL yearly announces its salary cap with an agreement from players. This year the NRL announced the salary cap increase without the NRL players’ agreement. This was a first for the NRL. The NRL increase was a whopping 25% increase on the salary cap. For the players, it does not seem to be about the money but rather the genuine disrespect they feel.

Jason Tedescos Reaction To The News

Jason Tedesco is one of the most sought-after players in the NRL. He is respected in the NRL community not just for his on-the-field play but also for the kind and genuine way he acts off the field. It’s not just the fans who love him, but the players do as well. He has had a big reaction to the news and is one of the more senior NRL players protesting the new CBA agreement and salary cap increase problem. He has joined almost 50 other NRL players who are protesting on social media and also not turning up to media interviews and NRL 2023 promotions.

The CBA News Rules That Added Fuel To The Protest

Previously players had a window of about 1.5 years to sort out their contracts and find a new team. With new rules introduced in 2023, this window is now down to 4-5 months.

In an interview with one of the players this is what was said:

Six weeks out from the start, the NRL season and players are still without a collective bargaining agreement. They’re now on a collision course with the league and threatening to strike. “We don’t want it to come to that. If the NRL are gonna sit on their heels and not budge, then who knows where it’s gonna go.”

“Yeah, so that’s something as a player that we’ve all decided to do, and like I said, hopefully, it grabs the NRL attention and shows that we’re not happy you know”, the league is refusing to budge on a CBA deal deemed disrespectful by the Players Association.”

Jason had a great year of NRL in 2022 and we expect more great footy from him in 2023. Hopefully, the NRL can sort this protest in a manner that all the players including Jason find satisfactory. We also hope that the players can see the NRL just raised its salary cap by 25% in a year when money is tight in Australia.

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