After many discussions and internal conflicts, both in the Football Federation Australia (FFA) and in the A-League and Football NSW. In 2001 the FFA decided that the Western Sydney region was potentially capable of giving rise to another team in addition to Sydney FC, a more central club, with more people, and so the interest that was born in 2008 could be realized by the CEO of the FFA. Ben Buckley, gave rise to the “New Sydney Club”, the current Western Sydney Wanderers FC, thus giving rise to a new challenge which would be to find a sponsor and manager for the club so that it could be ready to compete in the A-League 2012/2013. With the lack of transparency and seeing all that effort disappear, FFA decided to take over the team, and thus enter the league for good, with the Australian government funding the club’s expenses and donating four million dollars.


The population was completely in favor of the new club, and they started together with the FFA holding fan forums in several different places, such as Penrith, Parramatta, Rooty Hill, etc.

This ended up calling the attention of more and more people, as even Australian Football players like Scott Chipperfield, Tim Cahill, and Lucas Neill expressed support for the Western Sydney club, for the attitude, values, and culture of the new club, which even without having After no match was played, its precise value among the fans was already noticeable, who from the beginning were already engaged even in choosing the club’s colors.


Already in 2012, after the arrival of the new president in the A-League, Lyall Gorman, the first signings began, which were received with celebration, by the fans who arrived little by little, the arrival of

Mooy, Elrich, and Appiah cheered everyone up, thus marking the official launch of the Australian team. Soon after, Tony Popovic, already known in the sport, arrived to join the club after asking to leave his position as an assistant coach at Crystal Palace, “All I wanted was to start from zero and conquer the world in a new club”.


With little time left for the debut of his first season, Tony Popovic receives the mission to prepare the team for the competition, making it a competitive team even though it is always full of skilled players, but still unknown.

And the big day arrived, October 6, 2012, marked his debut in the league, with all the nervousness of the debut, they stayed at 0-0, and the fans had to wait for the fourth round to celebrate their first victory in the game against the current champion of the A-League, Brisbane Roar, the 1-0 that came with a taste of defeat, with a slow start and gaining confidence from even more fans, and soon became one of the main clubs in Australia.

Currently, in third place in the league, he had an inspiring start to the year winning by a rout, I believe he is a great competitor for the title, place your bets, and the next match is already scheduled.

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